Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 23

According to many reputable news sources and weather forecasts, today will be the last hot day in Vancouver for a while. A long, long while. But if there's one thing that I've learned since I started this project, it's that weather forecasts are a hoax. That's why I will be bringing an extra set of clothes with me today including a pair of long socks, a cardigan and a jacket. Maybe also a scarf and a pair of pants (now named My Only Pair of Pants). I consider it to be almost like a survival kit. This 'kit' continues to grow, however, and soon I will have to start toting a wagon. I'm working on a partial solution to this and hopefully you will see it in tomorrow's post.

Today I am also wearing some "jewelry" (a first) inspired by the dance costumes that I've been working on for Kim Cooper's October/November tour of wowandflutter.


  1. I really love this top! And forgive me if you've answered this question in previous posts--I only just landed at the site--but are these things made from patterns, mostly, or your own designs?

  2. hi Dory,

    These are mostly my own designs. I have a clothing line called Hunt & Gather so I've been designing clothes for a few years. There are a few things (like my bra) that I have copied the basic pattern for, but now that i have the fit right I'll be able to create more original patterns. I also thought about doing a tribute to WikiHow and maybe one week only making things from other peoples DIY clothing ideas just for fun!

  3. fabric jewelry has such a friendly aesthetic. nice weaving!