Tuesday, March 1, 2011

6 months later

You may have thought I was lost and gone forever but ... I'm still alive!! Even though I'm mostly in store bought clothes now! Yes, the truth is, my wardrobe is very very small right now (and mostly made by others) but the reason for that is because all of the clothes that I made/wore during the makeshift year are now on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of a show called WE: Vancouver - 12 Manifestos for the City. The show is up until May 1st so it was a bit of a scramble to try to piece together enough stuff to wear until then.

If you live in Vancouver and are planning to see this show, please come for a "performance" that I will be doing on the weekend of March 26th called Thing to Thing. During that weekend I will have a mini studio set up in the Gallery where you can bring any object to me and I will turn it into a bag! I'm not sure how the logistics of this will work yet, or if the numbers will be limited etc but there will be more info about this on the Vancouver Art Gallery website soon.

Hope to see you there!