Sunday, August 30, 2009

the rules

I was recently describing this pair of sunglasses that I've been working on to someone and he asked me how I was going to make the lenses.

So this leads us to The Rules...

If I'm talking about making everything that I wear, you may be wondering how the rules for the 'making' part have been determined. That's where the beauty lies - they haven't! Not yet anyway. I hope to develop a set of rules as I go. As a simple starting point I will say that my wardrobe will consist of anything made by me from either new or used materials. Materials can be reused but just altering something doesn't count.

I guess this will be the beginning of a set of rules to be added to on an ongoing basis.


1. My entire wardrobe will be made by me out of new or used materials.

Going back to the sunglasses/lenses question, I feel comfortable saying that since I'm not obligated to make the materials, I can reuse lenses from old sunglasses. So let's add

2. I don't have to make my materials, however, I will aspire to do so whenever possible.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

getting ready to jump

Precipitous Preparations

Besides making one decent pair of shoes, some further steps to set myself up include making prototypes in advance.

Since I’ll be participating in Kelly Lycan’s show, WHITE HOT, in late September (an entirely white flea market at TPW in Toronto),

I have been making all of my prototypes in white.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

an evolutionary leap

Lasts! At last.

I now understand the importance of these simple wooden forms. I'd always thought
they looked so benign and silent, as though they’d been casually left behind by some life-sized marionette in lieu of a pair of shoes.