Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1

Ok, here I go.

(so you can have confidence in my intentions)


  1. I imagine there are many ways to make a sock, and that the underneaths get considerably more consideration with a project like this, no?

  2. radical and inspiring! good stuff natalie... :)

    i'd love to come catchup with you about all this and take your photo tomorrow.

    call me? 778 898 3076.


  3. Wow. This is an amazing project. Great job. Best of luck!

  4. I'm excited about this blog! Are you going to make your undergarments? Are those handmade bras, panties and socks?

  5. I did indeed make the bra, panties and socks that you see in the photo. I made a little stockpile of underthings in advance to set myself up. The bras are proving to be a bit challenging though - I'm still trying to get them right!

  6. could not get the comment to post (i am somewhat tech challenged but finally went with anoymous and it worked, however I will 'self identify' you can find me at odette.ca) - anyway, I love this whole concept, thoroughly inspired by you and it - and enjoying the blog commentaries immensely, I would wear everything you make (except the shoes ! ha ha )