Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 12 and Last Night's Opening

This is kind of a strange combination - a silk apron-style top layered over a stiff cotton black dress. Oh well, I'm working with what I have and right now most of my clothes are on display at my new Makeshift space in Gastown. Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening last night - it was nice to see such a show of support from all of you!

I had a couple of complete outfits on display so that people could examine them closely and be confident that I have indeed been making everything. Generally everyone was the most interested in the bra and the shoes. Socks and the felt apron were next in line, followed by underwear made from t-shirts. (Since I can't wear them as t-shirts anymore, I might as well turn them into underwear...)

This fella REALLY wanted this leather bag ('The World's Biggest Bag'). I'll admit, he can pull it off. Sadly, It's one of my only two bags right now so he'll have to wait until I make more for my clothing line (Hunt & Gather).


  1. the opening was great. it was a little weird though because, in effect, i was in your closet, ogling your wardrobe, including your - ehem - underwear (which normally we don't see - except on someone's clothes line or at the laundry mat)! and then there were all of us, your visitors, some of whom were handling your garments in a very objective kind of way.

    the experience was a combination of intimacy and spectacle, perhaps exhibit/ion better describes the latter. and while i appreciated the garments for their esthetics, i found myself more considering them, and inspecting them, as practical tools; looking closely at how they were constructed so as to accomplish their primary function (maslow's hierarchy of needs comes to mind) - shelter.

    and then we had the conversation about labeling the clothes. is this in fact a clothing line? you thought not. i keep thinking about this, and it seems me that is a line - at the very least, playing with the semantics, it's a line of inquiry. but, hey, it's your project.

    lastly, i notice no jewelry. comments?

    cheers, zoe

  2. I think your creations so far are fantastic. I like the outfit at the top of this post especially, of course I am going only from your photos, but it is really cute. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Zoe,

    thanks for your comments!

    Yes I'm definitely still in the "practical tools" stage of the process. I hope to evolve out of this eventually.

    With regards to the label discussion, i think this requires more thought. Is it a line? I don't know.

    About jewelry, again, the 'hierarchy of needs' is the main issue here. So far there just hasn't been enough time to even think about jewelry!!