Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 135 & Amorphous Amoeba

The other evening I went to an opening reception at Every Letter In The Alphabet, a new space on Powell St. (that is truly a joy to behold, I might add) opened by artist Geoffrey Farmer.* As I was arriving, a few friends started to notice that there were quite a few people present wearing clothing that I had made. And since I am a BIG fan of snaps and tend to use the same kind on everything we began to wonder if we could somehow become one large amorphous, snapped-together amoeba. It worked!

*The reception was for a show curated by Michael turner called, to show, to give, to make it be there: Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver: 1954 – 1969, which is up until March at SFU Gallery.

1 comment:

  1. "one large amorphous, snapped-together amoeba" Too freaking cool!

    Do you use snaps that sew on or ones that are grommet style (where you use a tool to press them on)?