Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 55 & 56 - shirt scarf

Today's accessory is a jersey trapeze-style top that I'm wearing as a scarf. (You can visit Day 23 to see it being worn as a top). Knowing that I can do this with practically any t-shirt or sleeveless top has just expanded my accessory possibilities tenfold! I am also wearing a newer, yet practically identical version of my earlier clog boots (which you may have seen posted on Day 36). The only difference really is that these ones are grey. And I did a nicer stapling job (which by the way, is an aesthetic that is growing on me). I carved the wooden soles out of a 2x4 with an angle-grinder with a wood carving attachment, and then stapled rubber to the bottom so that people don't hear me clomping and echoing down the hallways of the world. The uppers are made from vinyl and are stapled to the wooden soles.

Here is a picture of me in Victoria yesterday wearing socks that don't match with anything except Mallard ducks. I was in Victoria to see a dance performance called wowandflutter that is currently touring accross Canada. Choreographed by Kimberly Cooper of DJD, the score was written by Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune), the set was designed by visual artist David Hoffos and the costumes were designed by me. This show will still be travelling to Whitehorse, Vernon and St. Albert on the tour so if you live near one of these places check it out!


  1. how do I sign up for a super surprise?

  2. Just click on the Super! Surprise! link in the sidebar!

    Or come by the makeshift space when I'm open.

    Or email me.