Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 44 - Self Saboteur

Some of you may remember this skirt from my Greatest Hits album, "I'll never sew in another zipper", from (circa) 2002. The sweater is another old favourite from my more recent (2006?) release "I still avoid zippers at all costs". On the other hand, even though I only made these shoes in September, they're really starting to feel old after wearing them everyday for a month. I really need to get going with the shoe thing. It's incredible how quickly things are being added to my list of "things that I need right away" in comparison to how slowly they are getting crossed off. And I would like to stop depending on clothes that I made in the past but this is proving to be a difficult task. I continue to dig deeper into my dark sewing past only to find increasingly embarrassing garments and - I often can't believe this - wear them! Such is the life of the self-saboteur.

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