Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 39 - new jumpsuit

I'm not completely convinced by the design of this new jumpsuit. I think it could use a bit more tweeking. But for now, as the weather gets progressively colder, it'll do.

Thanks to Sunny for reminding me about stockings and garters! After my lengthy tights-tirade the other day, my friend Sarah (Sunny) happily suggested stockings as an alternative. Oh right! I even have a waist-garter pattern that I made a couple of years ago and forgot about. The tights were an interesting challenge but I'm over it.


  1. i really love the jumpsuits.
    seen this?

  2. don't forget the magic of footless tights! they get rid of a lot of the crotch problems cause they don't have your feet pulling on them.

  3. Hi Natalie! I found your Blog by way of Talk Crafty To Me and admire your dedication and creativity so much that I shared it on my Blog too! I don't know if you knit or not but you could make some awesome felted boots that would be warm and cozy! I think footwear would be the most difficult aspect of this year long journey and I congratulate you on the hard work and skills necessary to pull it off. Good luck and congratulations on Makeshift- it's gonna be a fine ride!
    xo, calamity kim