Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 353

Do you like to burn stuff? Why not spend a day helping out with this incredible public art piece? Internationally renowned UK artists Ivan and Heather Morison are hand-milling beach logs, charring the wood and building a structural sculpture (curated by the Vancouver Art Gallery) that will be on view at the Shangri-La in Downtown Vancouver from the end of September for 6 months. It is a huge undertaking and they could use some extra hands so if you are handy, have some spare time and are interested in traditional Japanese building techniques and/or contemporary sculpture please contact or call 604-662-4700 x204.

And yes, that is me wearing some safety equipment and feeling slightly guilty about it. I know this is something that was okay-ed way back in January but in fact, I still have a hard time doing it (and have been refusing to wear a bicycle helmet this whole time despite your unanimous approval.) I was literally messing with fire though... I knew I had to draw the line.

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