Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 337 - Super! Surprises! revealed

A lot of people have requested that I do one more Super! Surprise! so this is really it folks- The Final Makeshift Super! Surprise! Unlike like the last few rounds which had 3 different surprises for 3 different prices, this round will only have one kind for $50. Click HERE to sign up!

And since I haven't revealed Round 4 or Round 5 surprises yet, here they (finally) are:

Round 4
Nugget Surprise - the Circular Cinch Pouch

The Yay! Hooray! Surprise - Silk Scarf with Leather Belt

The Luxurian Surprise - Necklace with Quartz Crystals, Jade Star, Jasper Bear and Lace - Agate Triangle.

Round 5
The Nugget Surprise - Blue Popcorn Earrings

The Yay! Hooray! Surprise - Reversible Silk and Linen Sun Hat with Shape-able Brim.

The Luxurian Surprise - Linen One -Sleeved Sweater/Shrug

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