Monday, April 19, 2010

Days 230 & 231

I had some queries about what was on my head 2 days ago so I thought I'd sport them for you today - my sunglasses, or more exactly, sungoggles. On another note, isn't it great that my new spring boots go with everything? I mean, I wouldn't say they match everything but they kind of work in a weird way, no? Plus I automatically feel springy in them. Thanks for all your comments about them, by the way.


  1. My daughter sent me the link to your blog so this is my first knowledge of the blog and your project. This is a really interesting concept to me, especially for "modern" times. But I have to wonder: why the need for so MANY clothes? I mean, poorer women (well, poorer people in general) in the mid-1800s often had 2 sets of clothes, washing one while wearing the other. In modern days, it seems like one could make, let's say, 5 or 6 sets of clothes and have enough for a year, then get on with the rest of life.

    BTW, I like your style. I think many of the clothes you've made are very fun. I wanted to see how you made your black shoes but I don't have time to look at every day and I didn't notice a search button. Maybe I'll come back another time.

  2. i love that the boots don't totally match. they're even better because of the colour...makes my black shoes seem so boring! really enjoying your project.

  3. Your new Spring boots are smashing!! I love the color, and am SO impressed with your craftsmanship!! I struggle with felted slippers! XXO