Thursday, April 8, 2010

Days 219 & 220

Well everyone, can you believe it? It's a new pair of shoes. An actual, wearable pair of shoes. My new spring boots! The colour is a bit wild maybe that's just what I need for spring. I've included some pictures of stages along the way. The beginning stages are missing because I didn't think to start documenting the process until about halfway through.

Yesterday I spent the day doing research at the Japanese Canadian National Museum in Burnaby. I will be showing work in their 10 year anniversary exhibition in September and was looking for inspiration in their collection of photographs, documents and artifacts of Japanese Canadian history. The most exciting thing for me to look at was this personalized pattern book dating from 1942 - 45! But there were so many other really interesting things in the way of textiles, clothing and personal accoutrements.


  1. I love your new boots!

    Where did you take inspiration from?

  2. Hi!
    My name is Isabel, I'm a spanish girl living in Berlin. I discovered your blog through Zoe (, because I recently started sewing and I have to say, I really like the clothes you make, and these shoes rock! Great colour.
    I will be visiting a friend who is currently living in Vancouver (learning english) next week, staying for 2 weeks. I bought a guide of the city and surroundings, I'm looking forward for this trip, aand it would be great if you could give and "insider tip". Any non "turist-obvious" places to visit, maybe some great sight spot? I also plan on visiting some fabric shops, already googled a couple. Any advice?
    Keep up the good work with your make shift project, it is inspiring.

  3. Those shoes are so rad! Go you! Rock it!

  4. Your new boots are beautiful! Nice job. And how cool about the patterns you found at the museum. That must have been a blast to flip through.

  5. boots! i'm fascinated by the shoe aspect of this project.

    (thanks again for letting me use some of your pictures!)

  6. very, very nice boots!

  7. vow! congrats on the shoes-they rock.

  8. I have always instisted (much to my friends' irritation!) that I could totally make a pair of I'm more sure than ever. These are fabulous! Great work!

    I can't wait to stop by your studio space when I'm in Vancouver in July...

  9. That's my favorite colour, so to me those boots are perfect. I would wear them every day if they were mine.

  10. oh my goodness most awesome boots ever! love the colour.


  11. Thank you for all your boots comments!!

    To Sade - the inspiration came from boxing shoes and new spring leaves. And unlikely combinatation, i know.

    To Isabel and Lesley, please stop by my little project space when you come to Vancouver! See the schedule in the side panel. Looking forward to meeting you.


  12. Great great boots!! would work perfectly with the grey Japanese-woven-linen top that I purchased from you a couple of years ago. Funky look. love it

  13. Wow, I love your boots.

    I've already started thinking about trying to make some "shoes" - will see how I get on.

    I find your project incredibly inspiring - so glad I found your blog.

    I'm not a blog reader, but I do follow yours.

    thank you

    Wales, UK

  14. Incredible energy in that pattern book, no wonder you found it exciting. Hope you don't mind that I put the image on my desktop.

    And yes, the boots are impressive!