Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 242


  1. Hello! I just found your blog. I am full of enthusiasm for your great idea, and very inspired by the beautiful ways you have found of making it work. Being so excited, I decided to start from the beginning, but from about Day Three and onwards (for I'm not sure how long, I stopped checking after a while) the pictures are not showing up. I don't know if this is a temporary problem, but if it is something that you can, and have time to, fix, I would be one grateful reader. Thank you so much, anyway, for the blog & project.
    Best wishes, Jessica.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I just checked and everything seems to be working fine for me at least. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the images to load. Hopefully it will work for you too!


  3. I am so impressed by this project and I think your style is awesome - clean, timeless, unique, inspiring. I'm also intrigued by how you connect this project to "lead a fulfilling life". I'll definitely be following your project!