Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 176 & 177

Today's accessory is a skein of metallic yarn that never quite got crocheted into something more practical. It is paper-clipped together. For those of you who have ordered (or are still planning to order) a Super! Surprise!, fear not - they will all have a much more finished appeal.

Yesterday started with an outing to this massive clothing recycling plant. What a wild place! They literally have bales of clothing that have been sorted into different categories (stacked behind me), much of which will get sent to Africa. It was astonishing to see how much consumer 'waste' of this nature is produced daily even in a small city like ours. And this is only one plant - I'm sure there are more.

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  1. I'm scrolling through your entire blog, becoming more and more inspired, and meaning to comment. This post I had to comment on! One of my favourite clothing shops sells clothes that arrive here in bales just like those - I've laid my hands on 3 pure wool coats so far, and already unpicked them to remake into something new.