Monday, November 16, 2009

Days 76 & 77 - On the mend

Starting to feel a bit better after a weekend with Strep Throat. At least the weather was really lousy so I didn't feel so bad about staying in all weekend. One thing that cheered me up was this comment I received from someone in France on Day 73. It says:

ce n'est pas la première fois que je fais trainer mes yeux par ici, ...alors cette fois je pose un ccommentaire...
d'autant plus que cette fois encore je tombe des nues en voyant ce joli haut...

Since my French is pretty rusty i plugged it into a translator widget and got this:

it is not the first time when I make trainer my eyes here, then this time I put down a commentaire...
especially since this time still I fall of dense clouds by seeing this pretty top...

here's another version:

it is not the first time that I make trail my eyes by here, then this time I pose a commentaire more especially as this time still I fall from naked while seeing this pretty top.

I'm sure these rough translations don't do justice to the actual comment but still, I was touched.

By the way, many have asked how to view and leave comments on the blog. Just click on the time below the post or in the archive section, click on an individual day. I still haven't figured out how to change this aspect so if anyone has some blogging tips, I would gladly change the way this is set up.

Now, on to this Awesome picture from yesterday. It may appear as though I just crawled out of bed to take this picture and I will admit, it did happen that way. That's how dedicated I am. To not only force my sick self out of bed to take this picture but then to actually post it for all to see.

Me in all my sick germly glory.


  1. From France again ;-)

    Aiguillée par Bonome, j'arrive ici et j'en prends plein les yeux. Je suis sous le charme de ces coupes si originales !

    Guided by Bonome, I discover this blog and I'm under a spell. Your jackets are so originals !

  2. The word has spread, you now have a hoard of French fans!