Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 119 - my apologies

Hi Everybody, I hope your holidays are/were/are going to be relaxing/special/exciting. I would just like to say sorry for being such a lazy blogger. I haven't been writing anything and I haven't been responding to comments (even though I so truly appreciate them!!) for what seems like a very long time now. But those days will be over soon. Even though 2010 is going to be crazy busy, I promise to keep you better informed about makeshift goings on (going ons?) (goings ons?) (the more you write it, the weirder it looks - do you ever get that?) You could even call it a New Year's resolution of sorts. I won't call it that because we all know how New Year Resolutions go, but either way, there will be plenty of good times ahead. That much I know for sure.

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