Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WE: Vancouver installation views

Here are some images of all of the Makeshift year clothes on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery (as well as 365 documented days of the project) during the WE: Vancouver - 12 Manifestos for the City. This show ended on May 1, 2011. Thank you to all who attended.

Rachel Topham photographs


  1. Nice. I miss hearing about your shenanigans. Are you blogging elsewhere?

  2. Hi Germania,

    I'm finding it really hard to keep blogging for something that had a definite beginning and end. I just ran out of steam for it!

    I'm glad to know there's still someone out there who's interested - even after my lack of posting diligence!

    If I start another project I hope to start blogging again.

  3. I'll be starting my own challenge soon. I'm committing to not buying any clothing for a year - I'll sew or knit everything. My closet is about 30% stuff I've made already, and I look forward to doing more! Since I won't be giving up the ready-to-wear clothing I already have, my shift toward an all-handmade wardrobe will be more gradual than yours.

    Your project helped me feel bold enough to give this a try, and I love the look you created for yourself!

  4. good to hear. i wish you all the best with your project!