Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 141 - new shoes

You will be happy to know that I finally have a new pair of shoes. They were made in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Mexico. I thought I would share my process since they were pretty easy.

I started by cutting the foam soles off of a thrifted pair of shoes. I looked into buying foam but it wasn't the right density and it was kind of expensive. In the end I didn't feel bad about taking apart a very ugly pair of shoes in order to give them a new and improved life.

I sanded them down and added a nice smooth new piece of foam as a comfort layer.

I cut thin leather strips and stitched them together to make the straps and then cut holes through the foam with a knife and squished the leather through. I tied the long ends into a knot and the ends under the toe are glued down with the ends squished and glued into new slots.

Et Voila!

Oh yeah, and then I had to make toe-socks so that I could wear them right away.


  1. Those are so cool. And I love the toe socks. Well done, you look fantastic in that outfit.

  2. I have been wanting to make a pair of sandals but wasnt sure about what to use for the soles, thanks umm also wondering if you had considered making a pair of moccasins for yourself?

  3. bravo! you are amazing... every day!

  4. Very nice!

    I love when you show the step by step!!

    toe socks are fantastic by the way

  5. Ingenius! Love the pop of yellow. Looking forward to following Makeshift: on tour in Mexico!

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